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  • Or state if you are homeless - what town/city & state
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  • Please read and check to indicate that you understand and agree to the terms.

  • MSL has four levels of Sober Living. Each step allows for extended privileges.

  • Probationary Period Member Agreement

    Every new member entering the Maine Sober Living home and members that violate conditions of their agreement with MSL are placed in “Stage 1” status. MSL requires strict adherence to these conditions and All Rules and Guidelines. While in “Stage 1” status, you must:
  • Initial Probationary period

    Is the first 14 days in house will be reviewed in which House managers & staff determine next steps. This occurs every 14 days until moved to next 2nd Stage of probationary.
  • Second Stage of Probationary period

    Has a 30-day review and every 30 days until moved to next Stage. This occurs until moved to the final Stage.
  • Violations of agreement will result in eviction or set back to Stage 1 Membership. You are expected to be responsible for knowing the conditions of your agreement as stated in the membership information provided.
  • Checking the box, indicates my understanding and consent
  • We are happy to have you!

    Sobriety is a major struggle for many. MSL offers a safe and healthy environment that allows a natural support system, availability of services and activity all of which are vital to achieve long term sobriety. Our uniquely structured, wellness and life skills program assists struggling men by combining the daily responsibilities including working on the ranch, wilderness adventure, physical fitness & sports, and learning everyday life skills.
  • Our Mission

    Our mission at Maine Sober Living is to meet people at their level of need, provide a safe and healthy environment, and assist each individual to achieve sobriety and their own individualized goals.

    Get In Touch

    • (415) 269-2136 Brendan
    • (207) 299-6976 Melissa

    You can find us at

    245 Center Dr
    Orrington, ME 04474

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