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Meet Our Team

Melissa Colavecchio

Owner & Administrator

As owner and administrator Melissa takes a very active role in the day to day functioning of Maine Sober Living. She is the first contact many have and an ongoing asset to both our members and their families as they find successful and necessary change.

As owner, I takes great pride in the support and help offered at Maine Sober Living. It is important that services we offer are safe and supportive, and that they are not stereotypical. We wanted to be different, both in our approach and environment, giving those that attend a real shot at achieving the change and sobriety they seek.

~ Melissa Colavecchio
Brendan Armstrong

President and Program Coordinator

Establishing and implementing the daily activities and needs of members, Brendan utilizes his own past and personal knowledge to support and develop programming that best suits both individual and group needs.

Our Mission

Our mission at Maine Sober Living is to meet people at their level of need, provide a safe and healthy environment, and assist each individual to achieve sobriety and their own individualized goals.

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  • (415) 269-2136 Brendan
  • (207) 299-6976 Melissa

You can find us at

245 Center Dr
Orrington, ME 04474

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